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Are you looking for borrowing money as some urgency has cropped up? Well, you have rightly opted for cash loans as these are provided instantly. But the problem is that you have a bad credit history as well. So, you think the lenders will simply turn down your application. It is not true in most of the cases. The fact is that bad credit cash loans are easier source of urgent money. Despite your past payment faults, the loan is approved instantly and the borrower receives the loan in his or her bank account within 24 hours.

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Cash loans are given against your next paycheqe. The lenders therefore approve the loan just on verifying that you are an employee and getting a fixed monthly salary. That usually is enough for the lender in approving the loan. Since these loans are advanced against your next paycheqe, the lenders have almost nil risks. A borrower is most likely to repay smaller amount from next paycheqe.

Therefore, lenders do not go into credit of the borrowers. Bad credit cash loans are approved without any credit checks. Hence whatever may be your credit woe including late payments, arrears, defaults or CCJs, you can borrow cash the same day. One advantage is that shortly borrowers' credit rating gets improved on timely repaying the loan.

The loan amount depends on your monthly salary. Usually these loans provide very small money ranging from £100 to £1000 though one can borrow up to £1500. The loan is given for 14 days only with the option of extending it for couple of weeks.

Note that bad credit cash loans are highly costly for salaried class of people. These loans carry lenders' high fee on every £100 or less borrowed. It is advisable to opt for the loans only for urgency.

Only those people are eligible who 18 years of age or are above. They must be employee drawing fixed monthly salary and should be having an active bank account. Avoid extending the loan as it is even more expensive with the lenders charging enhanced fee.

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