Comparing Payday Loans

So you've been hit with an unexpected expense and you're in between pay days and you don't have enough in your savings or your credit cards--basically, you're in a financial bind. What do you do? One option is to consider a payday loan, which basically loans you the amount you need (typically between $100 and $500) for a one- to two-week period (until your next pay day) for a fee, such as $15 for a $100 loan. It's quick-fix, short-term solution--and it's fast and simple with no credit checks. Basically all you need to apply and get approved is a job and a bank account--and you're good to go.

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But where can you get a payday loan? There are many cash advance stores scattered throughout most major cities, and you can also apply over the phone and online. Because the payday loan industry and market is proliferating--especially on the web--and there are now more cash advance options than ever before, the trick to getting the right payday loan for you and your situation is to do your research ahead of time. You need to make a comparison of various payday loan lenders and cash advance places--whether you're looking for local or online lenders, or both--before you decide if you're going to borrow money in this way, and also where you're going to borrow money. This way you can find the lowest rates and best terms for a payday loan that will suit your needs.

There are several different things you need to consider when researching and comparing payday loan and cash advance lenders. First of all, you'll need to compare interest rates between lenders. Even though these types of loans are very short (generally two weeks without rollover), they are required by law to post their APR. Secondly, check out their fees in addition to their interest rates. Fees can include a flat financing charge or a processing fee. In addition, payday loan lenders have different terms for repayment. Even though the goal is for you to pay back the full amount upon your next pay day, sometimes consumers need to extend the loan for a longer period, and you need to find out each lender's repayment terms as well as additional fees.

Further, you may want to consider the customer service available with each cash advance place--if they have easy-to-find contact information, if you can get through to them, if your questions are answered and generally if you the get quality customer service you deserve. Finally, you may also wish to double-check the application process. A good payday loan lender should be able to process your application quickly and smoothly with no credit check. As well, the only information you should have to provide is your contact, employment and banking information. You should also make sure you can expect an automatic deposit in your account within 24 hours.

Payday loans are not always right for everyone in every type of financial situation, but they are worthwhile considering. If you do decide a payday loan is for you, it's important to do some thorough research, investigation and comparison first to find the right payday loan for you, before you jump head first into something that you don't know enough about to make an educated and informed decision.

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